Mattress comparator: Springs, Viscoelastic and Latex:

Here we are going to make a small mattress comparator with three models of the most common materials that are in the same price range. Until a few years ago choosing a mattress was quite simple.

There were few possibilities to opt for. Luckily, technology and research have allowed today to use innovative materials and properties that have dramatically improved our rest. And of course, then another problem comes: which one to choose? Each type of mattress brings you certain benefits and is suitable for different types of people, and sometimes it is not easy to choose the one that suits us best.

As we often tell you, the ideal thing to get rest equipment adapted to your needs is to consult with our experts in rest. They know each model thoroughly and have the experience to advise you.

Mattress comparator: three different models:

We will use our mattress comparator to compare three mattresses whose main difference is the material with which they are manufactured. A mattress with pocket springs, a viscoelastic mattress, and a latex mattress.

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Pocket spring mattress:

The pocket spring mattress is one of our best products. Its special characteristics make it ideal for those people who spend heat during the night. The level of firmness it provides is medium-high thanks to the more than 3250 pocket springs distributed in 9 independent zones. This provides total bed independence.

This mattress incorporates a reversible topper. On the one hand, its summer face, with natural cotton fibers in its padding. This helps to reduce the sensation of heat and promote the evaporation of moisture. A fresh and comfortable rest is thus obtained. In addition, fabric incorporates particles with phase change.

These particles pass from solid to liquid to keep the temperature constant during the night on the entire resting surface. In its winter face, the topper incorporates stretch fabric, very soft that adapts perfectly to the body shapes to give a very comfortable and cozy lying.