Size of double bed, single and half square: how to choose the right size for you?

Did you know that even the size of the bed plays a fundamental role in the quality of rest? Find out which are the dimensions of the standard mattress, French, a half square and king size and follow the instructions to choose the one that best suits your needs. Choosing a bed has never been easier.

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When we choose the mattress we always pay attention to the type and the covering, without neglecting the rigidity and the feeling of comfort we receive as soon as we try to lie down. Another very important aspect to consider when choosing the right product is the size of the double or single bed.

There is no single standard measure and it is easy to get confused and fall into the trap of a mattress that is too big or too small. Follow the directions I will give you and the choice will be the right one.

Pay attention to the thickness of the mattress:

Before talking about the dimensions of the sides of the mattress, a small premise is needed about the thickness. Depending on the type of mattress, even the thickness can be extremely variable.

The height of the latex mattress, for example, fluctuates between 16 and 22 cm, while the pocket spring starts at 22 cm to normally reach 28 cm, up to 35 cm. Memory foam and foam mattresses generally have a thickness ranging from 20 to 26 cm.

The classic spring mattresses are between 21 and 24 cm high, while the mattresses for children’s cots are much thinner and usually do not exceed 12 cm. For safety reasons, the thickness of the mattress should not be underestimated for models intended for rest for the little ones, especially when the bed barrier has a predefined size and cannot be changed.

In general, cheaper mattresses are also thinner ones, but this is not always the case. Thickness is just one of many parameters for assessing the quality of a mattress. If in doubt, always try the mattress and ask your dealer.

Standard sizes of the double and single mattress:

Regarding the length and width of the mattress, there are standard measures that are often respected by the manufacturers. For a double mattress, the most frequently used sizes are 160 × 190 cm or 160 × 200 cm.