Size of double bed, single and half square: how to choose the right size for you?

Did you know that even the size of the bed plays a fundamental role in the quality of rest? Find out which are the dimensions of the standard mattress, French, a half square and king size and follow the instructions to choose the one that best suits your needs. Choosing a bed has never been easier.

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When we choose the mattress we always pay attention to the type and the covering, without neglecting the rigidity and the feeling of comfort we receive as soon as we try to lie down. Another very important aspect to consider when choosing the right product is the size of the double or single bed.

There is no single standard measure and it is easy to get confused and fall into the trap of a mattress that is too big or too small. Follow the directions I will give you and the choice will be the right one.

Pay attention to the thickness of the mattress:

Before talking about the dimensions of the sides of the mattress, a small premise is needed about the thickness. Depending on the type of mattress, even the thickness can be extremely variable.

The height of the latex mattress, for example, fluctuates between 16 and 22 cm, while the pocket spring starts at 22 cm to normally reach 28 cm, up to 35 cm. Memory foam and foam mattresses generally have a thickness ranging from 20 to 26 cm.

The classic spring mattresses are between 21 and 24 cm high, while the mattresses for children’s cots are much thinner and usually do not exceed 12 cm. For safety reasons, the thickness of the mattress should not be underestimated for models intended for rest for the little ones, especially when the bed barrier has a predefined size and cannot be changed.

In general, cheaper mattresses are also thinner ones, but this is not always the case. Thickness is just one of many parameters for assessing the quality of a mattress. If in doubt, always try the mattress and ask your dealer.

Standard sizes of the double and single mattress:

Regarding the length and width of the mattress, there are standard measures that are often respected by the manufacturers. For a double mattress, the most frequently used sizes are 160 × 190 cm or 160 × 200 cm.

Is your baby can’t fall asleep?

This is the common issue in the babies these days that they cannot fall asleep quickly in the night time. Few babies have this thing in the human behavior that they sleep in the day and awake in the night and vice versa. But the situation of day sleepers is bad because when they have to analyze thing and play with the family members they are sleeping and at the time of rest they wake up. So basically they are working against the rule of the babies growth. So let us discover the various things which can help babies to fall asleep at the right time. You can Find out more on in respect of babies sleep.

Babies should always sleep beside mothers

The first thing a mother should do is to always keep your baby beside you. The thing is babies share a different relationship with their mothers. Mothers always sense the things baby need when they cry. It is also important because according to doctors a baby tries to copy the activities of the mother. So when he/she saw the mother in the sleeping mode they may also fall asleep.

Sing lullaby at the sleeping time

Lullaby can be the sign for your baby for their sleeping time. Lullaby is important for those kids who fall asleep on the wrong time as well as who face difficulties in falling asleep. This sound and sweet music basically provide pleasure to the baby and also help them to achieve the state of sleep. They will also enjoy and recognize your voice whenever you will sing.

Not a good singer but a sweet voice is important

When you are trying to calm your baby with lullaby then make you’re your voice is sweet. Because if you are a bad singer and as well as your voice is not good then dot sing. Design calming baby may be you will frighten the kid. And he will become scared of you. Try to find a person or you can also play recorded lullaby available on the internet these days easily.

Mattress comparator: Springs, Viscoelastic and Latex:

Here we are going to make a small mattress comparator with three models of the most common materials that are in the same price range. Until a few years ago choosing a mattress was quite simple.

There were few possibilities to opt for. Luckily, technology and research have allowed today to use innovative materials and properties that have dramatically improved our rest. And of course, then another problem comes: which one to choose? Each type of mattress brings you certain benefits and is suitable for different types of people, and sometimes it is not easy to choose the one that suits us best.

As we often tell you, the ideal thing to get rest equipment adapted to your needs is to consult with our experts in rest. They know each model thoroughly and have the experience to advise you.

Mattress comparator: three different models:

We will use our mattress comparator to compare three mattresses whose main difference is the material with which they are manufactured. A mattress with pocket springs, a viscoelastic mattress, and a latex mattress.

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Pocket spring mattress:

The pocket spring mattress is one of our best products. Its special characteristics make it ideal for those people who spend heat during the night. The level of firmness it provides is medium-high thanks to the more than 3250 pocket springs distributed in 9 independent zones. This provides total bed independence.

This mattress incorporates a reversible topper. On the one hand, its summer face, with natural cotton fibers in its padding. This helps to reduce the sensation of heat and promote the evaporation of moisture. A fresh and comfortable rest is thus obtained. In addition, fabric incorporates particles with phase change.

These particles pass from solid to liquid to keep the temperature constant during the night on the entire resting surface. In its winter face, the topper incorporates stretch fabric, very soft that adapts perfectly to the body shapes to give a very comfortable and cozy lying.

Get a new mattress put impacts on health

Do you want to know to get a new mattress put some healthier impacts on your life or not then you can see it is working and will help you to fix all the health issues? First of all, you are getting the quality sleep which helps you to work and focus on your accomplishments of life and every business Desire and all of the other things you can get in your life without facing a lot of troubles. Really the sleep is one of the essential things which you need to get to every day and if you are sleeping well you could be feeling energetic and no more troubles you need to be faced.

Prevent allergies

No more troubles of allergies and skin reactions you need to be faced when you are getting a new mattress and seriously you need to once consult from your doctor before to get mattress because this suggest and recommend you to get the right one which source to your body posture and you don’t need to waste your time to find the mattress.

Avoid aches

The pain and aches you can avoid whenever you are getting the mattress which is made up of high quality material and before to make payment of it you need to once configure out all the things about the mattress. Now you don’t need to be worried because there are a number of health impacts you can get from a new mattress and if you want to award all the edges and some files on your skin from your life then you will be getting the new mattress and seriously you need to get the quality one. Compare the newest mattress technologies at Sleep Junkie.

The stress removal

The last but not least benefit you can consume from the new mattress and really it helps you to remove stress from your mind. The stress you can reduce easily from your mind and really you don’t need to be faced with the troubles of anxiety now. So you can get rid out from all the issues as soon as possible and really you don’t need to be worried because the hell their impacts you can be getting from a new mattress but you need to pick out the mattress according to your requirements.

The mattress that can take good care of spine

If you are having spine problem then it is sure that you are not able to sleep properly. This spine pain can create lot many other problems if you are not taking the proper sleep. So it becomes important to take best care of spine so that you can have comfortable sleep or you can prevent the pain. To prevent such pain then you have to look for the mattress that can be used on the bed that can help in preventing pain. Old fashioned mattresses are not capable of helping people to avoid the pain of spine. Nut the latest models that are coming in the stores are having the best comfort for great relief from the pain of spine. You can have many other comforts with this new technology made mattresses. The designs, styles and all types of sizes are available. If you will look for such unique mattress in the market then you will waste lot of time.

It is better to have the best option of getting quick look on the internet. The sites that are selling mattresses are having this latest technology and most modernized mattresses. All the reviews of each latest model are available. These new mattresses are having very unique designs that can decorate any type of interior of the room. It is it okay to sleep on your side because you can have the best comfort of sleep and let your partner also have the best comfort. The bedding will be having great attraction of the guest in the house. Once you or any other person will experience this mattress for the sleep then it is sure that you will love to sleep again and again. There are different types or firmness available. You can select the one that you need.  If you like to have the mattress that can provide relief from the spine pain then you can have the mattress that is soft and very light in weight. Such modernized mattress can easily provide the proper alignment to the spine without putting pressure on it. The spine pain will be reduced and you will fall asleep very fast without any discomfort of pain. Sleep Junkie has a list of updated product reviews to help you out for selecting your mattress.